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city located in the southern West Bank, 30 km (19 mi) south of Jerusalem.

Nestled in the Judaean Mountains, it lies 930 meters (3,050 ft) above sea level.

Situated in the Gurahont Basin, in the left valley of the Crisul Alb River, the commune Almas consists of four villages: Almas - the commune centre situated at 97 km far from Arad, Cil, Rădesti, Joia Mare. Agris Situated in the Gurahonț Basin, in the left valley of the Crişul Alb River, the commune is composed of four villages: Almaș (situated at 97 km from Arad), Cil (Alcsil), Joia Mare (Kakar) and Rădești (Bozsd). There are three villages in Dudeştii Vechi: Cheglevici, Colonia Bulgară and Dudeştii Vechi.

Dudeştii Vechi is mostly populated by Banat Bulgarians (Palćene), a regional minority group of ethnic Bulgarians that profess Roman Catholicism, who came from northern Bulgaria, and who are descendants of Paulicians that settled in the area around 1738.

This is a very tough year so far for the sport we all love so much.

An obituary for the teen states that died tragically “while doing what he loved.” Kraemer was a student at Elizabeth Forward High School who had dreams of becoming a pharmacist.

The town was supposedly named after a colonel's daughter when the Ottoman Empire was in occupation of the land that is now the Banat.

The evaluation of prevention and health promotion programs is one component of the broader field of evaluation research.

Also referred to as social program evaluation, evaluation research applies the practices and principles of social research to assess the conceptualization, design, implementation, effectiveness, and efficiency of social interventions and to use that information to inform social action (Rossi, Lipsey, & Freeman, ).

(Source: Quellennachweis: Donauschwbische Geschichte. Das Jahrhundert der Ansiedlung 1689-1805 von Oskar Feldtnzer) [Note: Von Neumann, official with the Transylvanian Salt Depot in Lippa] NE of Timisoara; road to Lipova. The Last of the German Village of Aliosch by Anton Zollner, 1997 (German, -would appreciate an English translation to publish) Portion: Aliosch (officially: Alios, Hungarian: Temesillsd) is a stern of Banat village, which lies on the road Timişoara - Lippa north of Blumenthal.

Administration of Maslok (Blumenthal) Aliosch Village Chairman / H. Administratively part of this village with a mixed population to the community Blumenthal (also called Maschlok).

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According to a post on the company’s website, 16-year-old Andrew “Andy” Kraemer died while racing an all-terrain-vehicle.

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