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Gandee emerged as the star of the show early on, with young femme fans dubbing him “Gandee Candy.” This isn’t the first time MTV has faced a PR nightmare when it comes to the country-livin’ series.Before “Buckwild” even hit the smallscreen, some West Virginia residents pleaded for the show to be canned, saying it doesn’t reflect their state or culture. As if the rumours of Drake and Taylor Swift dating weren’t weird enough, we totally don’t know what to think of the latest development in their relationship…Because, apparently, Drake has spent a fortune buying gifts for Taylor’s cats.Other new shows appearing on MTV soon include the Jersey Shore spinoff The Show With Vinny, as well as scripted fodder like Twisted and The Fosters.Shain Gandee and Joey Mulcahy were up in Wolfpen Hollow, the hardscrabble West Virginia cranny where Shain had grown up, when the producer approached them. A neighbor had sent him their way, and Shain’s truck looked promising: muddy, a rebel flag in back, squirrel tails hanging off the antenna. “We took him up on top of the hill in Shain’s truck,” Joey recalls, “with two or three other girls and another dude, and we threw them all in a mud hole, and they mud wrestled, and we just had fun, and we went through a mud hole a couple times in our truck.

“He had heart.” Shain also had a sly sort of charm.

Then, after season one aired, cast member Salwa Amin was arrested — and then re-arrested — on suspicion of drug-related offenses.

MTV is busy putting together plenty of original content in the wake of the cancellation of Buckwild.

This story first appeared in the April 9, 2013 issue of Variety. The show wrapped its first 13-episode run in February, and made enough noise for MTV to secure a quick renewal.

The 21-year-old Gandee, his uncle and another passenger were found dead March 31 in a Ford Bronco that was partially submerged in mud.

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Everyone knows that Tay’s cats, Meredith and Olivia, are pretty much her babies and BFFs rolled into one – she even takes them on trips on her private jet, FGS – and now Drake is trying to win over her feline friends.

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