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We have to give some credit to Amanda for attempting this article, even though I’m sure she knows that lots of people are going to shoot it down.

Actually, considering how poorly Amanda understands pickup, the motivations of the guys who are into it, and the challenges facing the class of guys she is attempting to advise, it’s surprising that her article isn’t completely terrible.

It was awkward but awesome” – Stephen Kramer Glickman, comedian “My best dating advice is don’t do it. [laughs] I am a divorced guy, and I would say just be really, really painfully honest.

If there is any dating advice that works for me, that tip actually works.

Clarisse is right to say feminists haven’t really responded to the plaintive cries of self-described “nice guys” who claim they want non-sexist dating advice that works, but are forced to look to PUAs because there is no one else speaking to them.

So, in the interest of good faith, I have concocted dating advice for men who swear up and down they are only drawn to misogynist PUA forums and seminars out of desperation and not sexism.

Here's why: Whatever your concerns, here are the keys to our advice for women over 40 in three short but sweet tips! As a dater who is over 40, you want to make sure you don't "leak" any of this energy or knowledge, negative or otherwise, into new relationships you find yourself in.

The most important tip for women over 40 is this: remember to have fun. Nevertheless, this writer wonders how many in America view Latinos as anything more than entertainers?When we read and hear about Latinos in the news, often it involves illegal immigrants, political scandals, drug raids, hustlers, poverty and entertainment.“ – David Gilreath, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver “You have to do something special. It’s about thinking outside of the box, getting weird and making it happen.You know what I got my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? He came to our house and played her favorite songs in our living room.

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