Eclipse maven hangs updating indexes

I wanted to add a few plugins to it, so I tried to use the UI to check for new updates and install some new packages.

I let it run for a while, and after about 45 minutes, it looked to be about 20% done.

iostat shows it takes up to 80% of IO and CPU bandwidth and brining performance of my machine to its knees.

Every time I open my eclipse it takes forever to update the Maven repo indexes.

Eclipse downloaded about 10Gb in [your-home-folder]/.m2/repository folder. To check if download is going, just refresh C drive (or the drive .m2 folder is loceted).

When I load up a workspace (for Android Java development), Eclipse says in the status bar that it's updating indexes. This option is on the main "Maven" preference page (not a child page).

Dan-- Dan Diephouse dependencies when I restart, which is what it seems to be doing. So, it only updates dependencies when pom changes, but in order to track changes we need to load all Maven projects when IDE starts.

But reading projects may trigger updating dependencies (especially snapshots), e.g. Perhaps we could try to disable that and also track corner cases that may trigger additional dependency resolution.

I don't see any reason why it should have to load all my POMs and update dependencies when I restart, which is what it seems to be doing.

I do not have any Maven Plugin installed on it but still does it.

Does anyone know how to disable this feature because this is becoming pain for me. I guess you will need to do this on each project in your workspace, I don't think you can do this for the whole workspace.

For more information about this new view, see Browsing and Manipulating Maven Repositories in Edition 0.6 of Developing with Eclipse and Maven.

Read on to find out how to open this view in m2eclipse.

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