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This information, unfortunately, is from 2005 which was my last time in the country.

All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.

Iranians line up daily to cross the Astara River to buy and sell jeans, chickens, bras, laptops—and often sex and schnapps and heroin.

This commerce, combined with cultural curiosity and shared Azeri bloodlines, has transformed Astara into the Tijuana of the Caspian.

Decked in tight jeans and T-shirts with Italian print, they emitted a cool, confident brusqueness as they marched through the rusted door: their gateway to pork products, alcohol, and easy sex. “No one cares what you do.” This makes the mullahs in Tehran very nervous.

Books, DVDs, fashions, and—most important—ideas that are inaccessible in Iran are ubiquitous in Azerbaijan.

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I try to write solely from my experience as much as possible, but where my report is informed by my Iranian friends’ experiences, I try to state so, explicitly so you can weigh the quality of the information yourself.

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