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Even in the south in places like GA, tn, SC, NC, miss, la, or TX you can find bm/ww. About a year ago i was approached by my neighbor, asking me to hook her up with a black dude.

I did, now that's all she talks about everyday all day long.

Blacks from the African continent weren’t far behind: this article explains that they relocated to the Soviet Union in large numbers, recruited by officials promising a free university education.

The social climate for black people at that time was thus good, with skilled black labourers and professionals often receiving red carpet treatment in the form of enviable salaries and subsidized housing.

But its just not the u.s, Russian women tend to like African American men a lot. Alot of Eastern European women do seem to take a lot of interest in bm.

In my research on the web, I was surprised to discover that black folks have long had a presence in what was known as the USSR: according to this article, hundreds of African-Americans travelled to the region between 19 in an attempt to make a better life for themselves, as well as to escape the economic strife and racial persecution they faced in the USA.

As the above experience shows, however, travel, work and life for a Black person in Russia is not without its challenges.

Americans, Germans and Italians are the men Russian women are most fond of.

‘I remember distinctly going to my father and saying, “Dad, would you mind if I did marry a black woman one day?

” His response to me was, “As long as she looks good, I don't care what color she is'" Baker recalled.

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The staff member handling my check-out was no exception.

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